A problem aith my account

Good evening,

I have a problem since few days. I can’t go to my website, neither to my ftp account …; it seems the server don’t answer. I hope my account is already available. I live in France. Do you have the same of me ? Do you know what append actually in the servers of bplaced, because since few days it seems not answer …

Please help me
Thank you very much

piripiri014.mein-webperoni.de/bplaced/ you are on Server 2 and Server 2 is at the Moment down


OH … it is very boring, because the server 2 is the only which is done. Do you know if it is possible to migrate my data on another server ? Do you think when the server is going to be repair ??


no no and no ^^ sry

The server is definitely down ??? my account is dead ??

yes. tomorrow evening it will probably up again. the cpu burned…


Server 2 is repaired :smiley: