Ad supported plan?

I have a suggestions.

Many people think that ads is not a problem, they don’t care about them etc. (look at funpic lol), so i was thinking about an idea here.

Name: Ad supported.
Type of ads: No sound ads, i would suggest pop ups or textlinks/banners.
Bandwidth: Unlimited, or 200gb. (i know that unlimited is virtually unlimited)
Storage: Something between 2gb and 10, i think 10 would be good.
File-size limit: 4mb, this will allow you to upload things like big images, quite huge zip and tar files.
CPU-usage: For very demanding things like simple browsergames, you can choose a plan that have a more frequently pop-up rate.
Mysql-databases: 10 of them, and atleast 500mb database storage for each database.
FTP-account: 10

I suggest to put “big” numbers on the front page, like instead of have 7gb storage for each account, you have 10gb. Not many people will use this and overselling, who doesn’t?

Can’t remember anything more now, so what do you think?

edit: one thing.
404 pages have ads also, not pop ups there just banners and text links.

Most likely won’t happen. There are ads users can place on their page (although they are disabled at the moment), and if you have special needs regarding storage, FTP-accounts and such, you can always ask miro.

bplaced doesn’t have a file-size limit.

thought they had 2mb like everyone else :hail:

But Could for putting ads on your site, be allowed to host a browsergame for example, or something like a demanding cms.