Addon domains not working with

I had create a domain and set cname as same as your server setting but it was [size=200]redirect [/size] to my website. :hail:

no, you didn’t have DNS yet.

go to
sign up
log in
add your domain to basic
edit your domain (will be under the primary domain)
put in the following information:
Fully Qualified Domain Name - your bplaced domain(excluding “http://”)
Record Value - put in your “Address for Type A” (found in bplaced -> domain settings)

then, go to, log in, edit your domain, use name service(DNS), put in,,, and into name server.

last step,
go to your bplaced account, domain settings, add domain, add your domain(excluding “http://”), type CNAME/A, done!

wait for a few hours to let it take effect.

i hope this helps you.