Advertisement in my domain. why?


I am trying to setup an external domain, but can not.

the domain is a subdomain … used for DNS

Domain panel for, I put the DNS afraid.

in the control panel afraid, I make a new record for

in the control panel says bplaced preferably choose a type CNAME. so write the domain and I add domain.

adds it successfully.

I go to control panel and afraid of the domain record choose a type CNAME and enter the domain of bplaced, my web work. check

according to me, I’m doing the right thing. I also tested with type A, and similarly the domain resolves, but is not my site, is an advertisement for bplaced up & down says “Sorry, this page is not available any more, error 404.”


I have to wait longer, it’s been 24 hours?



thaks, my site, work!!