Allowed to host this file?

I have made a multiplayer fps game myself, and i want to distribute it to offer as download on my side, although it’s not filehosting, my site isn’t really all dedicated to this project, am i allowed to put it on for download ?
It has some influence on the site, ( working on the forum section atm ).

Just the question ^^.


as long as the download isn’t a heavy GB-file that should be okay. But mind that the bandwith is limited for your account (2mbps)… So it would be faster to use e.g. rapidshare-

the game is around 100-150 mb, only by using winrar i managed to get a 50 mb file down to 17 mb.rar so i think it will be likely to be 40-60mb rar file, not bigger for else i will try to find another place to put it ( rather deposit file or something, i hate rapidshare, sucks really bad ^^ )

What? Rapidshare is so much better than deposit! :stress:

There are still some better Hosts :wink: