Are Shoutboxes allowed on your fourm

i run a website pheon.bpa* or p**
and it was recently suspended for “chats”

i didnt think a shoutbox was considered a chatroom* especually if it is for a forum
i do admit my forum is rather busy about 30 members at least at one time all day long.

Shoutboxes are allowed, if the reload-time ist at least 30 Seconds. Otherwise it would stress the Server to much.

so how do i fix the suspension? ill make the adjusment right away

Write a Support-Ticket, we will reactivate your account.

kk will do
// edit ticket submited.

TY very much very good hosters i reccomend to my friends.

A shoutbox in ajax would seem much more efficient instead of the 30 second + reload, you could easily make it so once a new message is posted it’s immediatly inserted into the shoutbox data by a ping made by the server.

So you mean using PUSH instead of PULL …?

I’d be interested in how you do that with AJAX.

The same principle is used by a shoutbox module from nuke evo, also a more revolutionair version of it is ajaxim ( which is a chat system, not shoutbox ).
I do not remember which one, since i’ve been out of the evo seen for more then a year now. due to the lack of developing, still waiting for joomla 1.5.10 to come out with php 5.3.* support :slight_smile:

Well that’s all pretty standard use of AJAX, no PUSH mechanism at all.