Cann't delete my account

some time ago it was disabled and I have information sesitive that I would like at least to delete it if recover is not allowed.
Is it possible to allow account delete in control panel?

if it is disabled it will be deleted in a few weeks automaticly :slight_smile:
but you can also login and write a ticket in the control panel, that you want your files to be deleted

greetz Michi

Delete your files and disable your account in the control panel

I am only able to create tickets, I am not able to delete my data or my account from my disabled account.
I posted a new ticket to request my account delete along with my data.
It will be better for future users if at least two things will be improved to site service:

  1. when I create my account I was asked to agree with the terms which were in german language, even if I set to work with english, so naturally I was unable to fully understand what all terms mean.
  2. if there is something wrong with user data, the admins checks should disable the account within one moth, not after one year of usage on the same usage type. I am losing one year of work because nobody notice by now that something was wrong with my account.
    I already found another free hosting for my future data, which has nothing against my type of data usage, but my last year data is lost, all my invested time…, so I will need to start over.

good luck to you all, and I hope some people are helped by my bad experience with this hosting service.

[LE] My request was denied to delete my account… so I just hope that my sesitive data are safe enough until the system decide to delete it… poor service… what can I say…

if you dont understand the german terms you should not register here…
its a german webservice :neutral_face:

but in fact -> the support should add english terms and make the hole system more multilingual

Most people don’t have problems with their accounts. If something is wrong with an account, his owner need to create a support-ticket. We have no chance to recognise that.

Im dont understand german too,but I can working with my filemanager via FTP