Cant register ftp/website account

hey, i cant seem to be able to register an account for ftp and that.

Someone told me this was a nice site to get free FTP, but i cant create account.

I also dont understand what message comes up

Google Translate is far from perfect - but for issues like that, it’s usually good enough.

Then you should maybe read (translate) the Terms of service first - because this place is mainly for hosting your own website, not for use as general a FTP space.

ok thanks for the reply, i will look up google translator, also im in need of a website aswell, i found out it was for website when i got here, wich is better then i though

EDIT ok i got to read it, i have to register betwen 06:00 AM to 06:00 PM, i tryed today before 6 but didnt work, i will try again tomorow, thanks.

And please note, that bplaced is also available in English -