Dont know how to configure domain name with

please help me configuring my domain name
i have hosted a website on bplaced , added a domain name
but dont know how to do to link it to my domain name
they ask me nameserver. what is nameserver for bplaced ?
please its urgent

there are two possibilities:
if it is c-name, then you have to fill in your bplaced domain e.g.
but if it is a-record you have choose the ip-adress which stands in your bplaced UCP
when you’ve finished that, you have to go into the bplaced UCP and choose under
domainproperties CNAME/A out of the list and write down your domain there and your homedirectory. if it is the root path you have to choose „/“ there.

I hope i could help you. :winke:

Otherwise you can do it by Frames, but this is not such a good solution.

The better thing is - but only, when you do not have CNAME/A - using .htaccess with mod_rewrite. Search with google for “domain replacing mod_rewrite”, there you will find the better solution! :sunglasses:

I hope i could help you!