Error 403

Hello. After my last account was deactivated I made a new account and this time, made a webpage as was advised.

However, I had been using my account as a download site for a game about an hour before the pages were uploaded as I was still working on them, and the downloads worked fine. However, a little bit later my pages were ready and I uploaded them and they were mostly working fine. However, after uploading the webpage files, my downloads to the game stopped working and I started recieving Error 403’s whenever someone or my self tried to download from my site via the game.

I can connect and download from the site using an internet browser and it works fine, but it seems the webpages I uploaded are causing 403 Error codes for the game downloads, and even if I do remove the webpages, the errors are still there. I am wondering if anyone can please explain why this is happening and what I can do to fix it?

P.S: My new account is ‘Dinyi’

Thanks in advance, Diny.

What is this Website supposed to mean? A download plattform?
You should read the AGBs again…

The AGB states that :
The use of the Service as a data storage and / or download portal without a full page is not allowed.

But my website does contain a full page, therefore I am not breaking any of the terms?

if you are allowing users to upload files and download other files, it gets a download portal.
So it starts breaking the rules.

Ok, so I know this topic is 10 days old. But still my problem is unfixed. I have been trying whenever I have time to do something new to try and fix it but without luck. Any help would be appreciated.

And no, I still do not understand how I am breaking any rules.

Upload pages are simply not allowed.
If you won’t remove it you will get banned off bplaced, thats not my discustion.

I also didn’t make the rules…

And can you please show me exactly where this rule is? Because the only information I can find on the use of download portals is that they are allowed so long as you have a full page…

uploads are not allowod but i’ve seen bplaced deactivated your Account but think positiv your Problem is solved :ps:

opps: Your Account is at the Moment not deactiviatet but if your Site is not allowed here., Point 4:

That translates to:
Use of the service as a pure file repository or download portal without an adequate site is not allowed.

So, if your files are directly conected to the topic of your site, that’d be OK - let’s say, you’ve written your own program, and are distributing the source files/compiled binaries via your webspace here together with your site about said program.

Ah, finally someone who can explain properly. You see I found that rule however not being German I had to use an online translator which translated it to :

‘The use of the Service as a data storage and / or download portal without a full page is not allowed.’

I merely thought then that all I needed to do was to create a page. However my situation is a little odd, the webpage IS devoted to the downloads that are stationed there as it is for a game. The game is open source and my uploads are for files that I have edited and wish to be allowed for downloads, is this allowed? If not, I find it odd that I know someone else who also uses this website for the exact same game, however he has never been deactivated.

Its not alowed if very on can upload files aou can use a CMS like Joomla. And its better to hide the upload and make it only visibley for you

you proberly didn’t have enough content about the game and the files.
also you can report this person.

if you want your site to be reactivated then open a support ticket in your account and request it, make sure that you really change the page after a reactivation. I can’t promise the reactivation trough, that’s part of the staff

My account is activated, in my first post it says that my acount is actually ‘Dinyi’. This account was deactivated before which was discussed in a differen topic. Its not that my account is deactivated, its the fact that whenever the game ries to download via my site, i is receiving error 403.

now I can see it 403 have you played with a .htaccess?

nope, his account is deactivated.

I’ve reported it :p

jo ka, in der Verwaltung ist er auf jeden Fall auf deaktiviert, das reicht. :smiley:

Ok so you reported it, why?

And why has it been deactivated? No-one seems to be able to explain to me what I have done wrong.


Which part of "uploads are [size=200]NOT[/size] alowed you don’t understant???

Or is my (D)english so bad?

And which part of my posts said that : “Uploads were allowed”.

None, because it is NOT an upload site. It is a DOWNLOAD site.