Error 403

on your Page was not enought content, is this so hard to understand?

and there was an uploader… I’m not silly

up- and download pages are not alowed.

also there is nothing to discuss…

There WAS an uploader. This is because Im using a friend of mines script that did hold an uploader in it, having not realised uploading was not allowed I left it on, then about 30 minutes ago I was told uplading wasn’t allowed, so I went and took the whole uploading part out.

As for the content, yes, it was bare, and thats because the site was being worked on. I stopped working on it however when I found out that the downloads stopped working. Since then I have been trying to find out if anyone knew a fix for it before I continued to work on the site as it seemed pointless to work on it if it was broke.

EDIT: Just read fusion’s post. But I do not understand then why the Terms of Conditions say that you are allowed a download site so long as the site is devoted to the same topic. And I again wonder then why someone else has been allowed to use this as a download site, but I am not.

ok… well I told you several times before!
so stop discusting, you are deactivated and spaming the forum won’t help you…