Fsockopen () does not support this function requires allow_u

Dear space business Hello, I came to China a user, the Internet is one for the last time you stumbled on the space station, and free, what are a lot of room for further restrictions, thinking Zhixia you use the space, and finally install the program found this site the following questions.
fsockopen () does not support this feature requires the allow_url_fopen option in php.ini options open. Please contact the business space, decided to open the function
Will you help me next?
I use the DZ-type forum process
On behalf of all Chinese Internet users said thanks to you.
I am very interested in the China region as your agent, if interested please contact me
E-mail: freetimeqq28@gmail.com
Welcome to China

This function is disabled for security reasons. They say it will be available soon. If you need it really fast, you could go to square7.ch . It’s bplaced, just with additional socket functions like fsockopen(), more webspace, but a little bit of advertisement.

*edit: I’m not the support, but that’s what they say all the time :smiley:

Greetings to China :wink2:

As Mgier already said, fsockopen is disabled… But the Staff says that this function will be availlable this year…

If you really need it, go to square7.ch but normally, the socket functions can be disbled in every website…

If you have more questions, there is also an English speaking Section in this forum:


And why did you open this Thread twice?

Greetings Galant_Fan