Help! I cannot login to my site

i cannot login to my site through ftp,
and also my site was disappear.

my web site is

could anyone please tell me whats happen ?
I don’t want to lost my data
thank you very much !!!

you were on server 6 which has been caught by the plice, because one user saved phishing data on his webspace and the police took both harddiscs of the Raid 1. so we try everything to get data back. it will be decided monday if you take a new server online or if we wait for the old.
please wait until monday
thanks and sorry for that

Yes in this server all users have lost our data, all this for cause of one user saved phishing data on his webspace!!! :motz: :motz: :motz:
It’s a situacion very sad! All users in this server wait for the news and we want to receive all our data! It’s very important! :neutral_face:

That the above data is very important to me, please help.thank you.