Help me

hi! good day to you!
i am just new in web designing
i have designed a website
and have created an account in BPLACED
but i don’t know how to upload it in your site
what should i do next?
hope you would help me.

hi and welcome here.

To upload your website you’ll have to use a FTP-client (like Filezilla)
Type in:
user: yourusername
password: yourpassword

and connect. Than you can drag and drop the files from the left (local) window to the right (server) window.

At the moment there are some problems with FTP so first you’ll have to activate “passive mode” in the configurations.

If there are any questions left, just post here.

Have fun and good luck :slight_smile:

That is right.
You just must install an FTP client.

I think FileZilla is very good.
It’s free too!
( )


(I hope there are no mistakes in the text :smiley: )