Hi a problem with the ip get fonction


i hope that you can help me please !

i have an ip get function which allow me to know the contry of my forum members anf this is it :

function modo_ip($ip){
$site_api = @file_get_contents(“http://api.hostip.info/?ip=”.$ip);
return $country;

and the mysql entry is like this :

mysql_query("INSERT INTO ".prefix."IP SET M_ID = ‘$DBMemberID’, IP = ‘$ip’,DATE = ‘$date’, COUNTRY = ‘$country’ “.$and.” ") or die(mysql_error());

I used the same fonctin in other free hosting like lima-city, and it works normally and the contry of the member appears, nut here i get just the ip of the user but not his contry and his contry flag ?

Please cna you explain me whay? is that an php function that you disabled, because its just to check the ip in api.hostip.info/?ip=".$ip and to get the contry name and flag

Thank you

Making HTTP requests is not possible here at bplaced at the moment.

You can go to square7.ch/ (it’s another bplaced project) - HTTP connections are allowed there, although you have to accept a little advertising on your sites.


it’s intended as plan B in case bplaced fails to take over world domination.