HTMLDOC install

I’m trying to install HTMLDOC on my site, but i don’t know how.
HTMLDOC tutorial say:
HTMLDOC 1.8.24 and higher supports operation as a CGI program. You can copy or symlink the htmldoc (all but Windows) or htmldoc.exe (Windows) executable to your web server’s cgi-bin directory and then use it to produce PDF versions of your web pages.
which is the directory?
my server has cgi-bin support?
which exe file i have to copy (windows?, linux? other?)
How i configure htmldoc:Configuring HTMLDOC with Apache

The Apache web server is easily configured to use HTMLDOC. The simplest way is to copy or symlink the htmldoc executable to the configured cgi-bin directory. For example, if your Apache installation is configured to look for CGI programs in the /var/www/cgi-bin directory, the default for Apache on Red Hat Linux, then the command to install HTMLDOC on your web server would be:

ln -s /usr/bin/htmldoc /var/www/cgi-bin ENTER ??????????

If you are using Apache 2.0.30 or higher???, you will also need to enable PATH_INFO support by adding the following line to your httpd.conf file???:

AcceptPathInfo On

Apache also allows you to associate CGI programs with a specific extension. If you add the following line to your httpd.conf file:

AddHandler cgi-script .cgi

and enable CGI execution with the Options directive for a directory:

Options +ExecCGI

then you can copy or symlink the htmldoc executable to an alternate location. For example, if you have a web directory called /var/www/htdocs/products, you can install HTMLDOC in this directory with the following command:

ln -s /usr/bin/htmldoc /var/www/htdocs/products/htmldoc.cgi ENTER

Thank you in advance

bplaced does not support CGI scripts.

Thank you