I haven't received my confirmation email

i have registered the domain swarda.bplaced.net and havent received the confirmation email, and cannot register again (domain already registered).
please help me :hail:


the yahoo.fr mailserver returned that the emailadress is inavlid since it doesn’t exist. maybe you mistyped it? however, your account is confirmed and enabled.


swarda.bplaced.net/ is not a redliche Heimseite!

:smiley: stimmt schon, schneeball…

please in english here and stop spamming :smiley: :ps:

Simi did’nt spam. It obviously is a snowballsystem indeed :smiley:

for this topic other threads are better or a pm to miro :p

omg, worster english no one can have :smiley: :smiley:

Well, there must be someone with the worstest English :smiley:

your site has been disabled due to TOS violation, however, those are not in english, but you agreed to “understand” them.


i have translated and read your TOS, but since its against it i’m gonna delete files from FTP.
Just tell me what is the mistake i’ve made. Are MLM, paid to click and matrix websites allowed or not, just in case the content is the problem.
best regards

The kind of website, you have on the webspace, is not allowed. It’s written in the TOS, but in


PS: Sorry about my English…

well then, once again: yes, such websites are forbidden - whatever your (google?-)translation said.
currently there is a translated official version available but it’s not online yet (due to lack of my unpaid time).