Looking for Staff

I have just finished my website and now i’m looking for people that want to help me manage it.
Goal of the site will be a gaming community.
We provide you the latest news on announced games & software developers.
we also provide reviews.
there is a nice forum where you can talk about anything
there will be a media section for video’s and trailers ( not finished yet )

Now i need people that can help me write reviews, get the latest news etc
i think between 2-4 people for this.
they will automatically become moderator ofcourse and gain access to all content editing.

If anyone is interested, please PM me with the following information

  • Name/Age/Sex/Nationality
  • Your experiences with gaming
  • Favoured genre’s
  • How much time would you be available per week
  • You can take the responsibility of equal judgement and not support friends or give them an advantage in issue’s such as flaming, violating TOC or breaking any other rules.
  • You will not just write 1 review and leave it be :ps:
  • E-mail adress for contact

It’s a new site, so nothing is done yet besides the system.
From today on, i start adding content myself.
but it’s hard for a one man job, that’s why i like help.

Thanks in advance,

Hello !

Which website is at all ?


You will be given the change to see it if you are interesting.
I wasn’t in the mood for another flame war :wink:.