My FTP doesn´t work?


I´m having big troubles with my webpage so please HELP ME! I will be verry happy… I can´t open my FTP account with fillezila. When I type in my FTP addres, username and password I click Connect and than says: Connection to server failed

What can I do?

could you please sent the complete ftp log entries

FTP username: krtina12
FTP password: /edited/

You don’t need to show the pass (if that’s the right one, remove it from here). Just show the part of the status code where the connection failed (In Filezilla, it’s the upper box).



should rather be


without „ftp.“ on the beginning. :wink2:

Doesn´t work!! I try with no ftp. at the front but again says me: Connecting to server failed.


your account is disabled due to inactivity. please file a report via ticket, ask for activation and keep in mind that you have to login at least once every 3 months at - and check your emails for notifications, or, submit a valid email-adress within the options in your control panel, when no notifications were received at all.