My site & FTP has the problem

my site is

Condition: Segment to
Condition: Already the segment arrived, was waiting for the welcome
Response: 220 Welcome to bplaced, FTP server standing by…
Instruction: USER hi17168 response: 331 Hello hi17168, your password
is required:
Instruction: PASS ******** response: 530 Login authentication failed
wrong: Is unable to establish the segment!

site: ( Diese Seite ist leider nicht mehr verfügbar, Fehler 404. Sorry, this page is not available any more, error 404. )

me why this happen.
Please assist me
thank you


Your site is accessable. Try to delete your dns cache (Run -> “ipconfig /flushdns” or type the command into the windows prompt). If that doesn’t work just wait 24 hours.

I think you’re from china and I heard that the user pages are unable to be accessed there. But try the steps above before you give up - perhaps it works :wink: