PgSQL databases

I have in my Cpanel selection > PgSQL databases…
so… I know only about MySQL
what can tell me about PgSQL using



PgSQL is PostgreSQL, some (in my opinion) more advanced DBMS than e.g. MySQL, by means of being capable to handle more advanced SQL-statements, lesser by means of functionality useful for ISPs, e.g. replication, which however, should not concern you here at bplaced.

In case you require a DBMS which can handle more complex SQL-statemens, you may prefer PgSQL. Due to so called forking it might be slower in performance in some cases than MySQL, but usually lesser SQL-statements are necessary for programming since one may issue more complex statements to get more specific results, which makes it easier in handling the data afterwards. One other pro is: it supports transactions by default, MySQL does that for InnoDB, but not for the default engine, which is MyISAM.


Big thanks! :slight_smile: