PgSQL export

How can I view database? drupal update manual says that I need to make a backup of database before updates! And now I want to do this but I get this error:

Warning: passthru() has been disabled for security reasons in /users/_public/phpPgAdmin/dbexport.php on line 123

Thanks in advance

phpPgAdmin uses an external program using passthru(). passthru() is disabled as it poses a possible security risk, therefore you cannot create a backup this way.

To get a backup you’d have to contact miro, the server administrator.


I know about this issue, it’s on my personal to-do list. either there is a solution for that with phppgadmin, or I’ll have to introduce some backup function in the user control panel at bplaced … If it’s really important to you to get a backup, contact me by pm.


I don’t know if is better to open new thread or ask here - i’ll see…

Is possible to export from PgSQL to MySQL (since drupal can use both databases) and then is possible to export/backup data from MgSQL?

And the next (out offtopic question): right now i have site in English language onlx, but soon I’ll add some German and Slovene text. Can I do this OR better: can i have content in any other language beside English and German?

I think a new thread would have been better :wink:

PgSQL->MySQL: Date should be possible, Table-Definitions not.
MySQL: Export and Backup are everytime possible :wink:

Why not? Should be no problem…

I can’t send PM to You miro, because i get: Some users couldn’t be added as they have disabled private message receipt.

So can I ask here for export from database. I want to switch to MySQL (I find it better, because of this feature) and I also want to use my data on some other project.

DB site:
DB name: smihael
DB pass: I don’t want to make it visible on forum !haue

you can write a support-ticket with your data :wink: