PLease help me

Hi dear bplaced TEAM.I am from Baku.I thankfulness you for this service.I have one problem.I have buy nearly 6-7 day new hosting.And I have account in bplaced.whit domain.PLease can you tell me how can I transfer ALL my files and mysql baza to new hosting??PLeasee help me ADMINISTRATORS :hail:

Sincerely Chingiz.
[size=85]Sorry for English :wink: [/size]

Hi Chingiz,
you can use Filezilla :wink:

Hi Chingiz,
you can use Filezilla :wink:

I know this program and CuteFTP very vell but I want FXP File Exchange Protocol.whit filezilla i must download all my files to my comp and again to new hosting .but Can you tell me how I can transfer my files whit ftp dont download them to my comp.Thanks

Therefore both FTP servers must support server to server transfer.
Maybe one of them doesn’t.

PLease tell me ? IN bplaced server to server function allowed? PLeasee.My mind in my new hosting server to server is ok ?But in bplaced server to server File Exchange Protocol allowed ?Please if no then help my how can i do this ? my site I dont download my files to computer and agein to hosting.PLeaseee :hail:

No, there is no possibility. This function is disabled. You can ask ’ fusion ', too. :wink:

We don’t activate this function… and please don’t write me a pn, i havn’t any time.

I just answered your ticket. Please use these informations to transfer your stuff to another server.

я так понимаю ты по русски шпилишь, что ты хочешь перенести?

Не могли бы Вы, пожалуйста, пишите на Английский? :ps:

perhaps sooner, I would explain to him in Russian, rather than sit him with an interpreter

PS of course could have on the Russian support to users of hosting. :wink: