Post exchange

I will do one of the following:

Posts: 10/25/50/100 ( Make me an offer )
Confirmation at 10/25 posts of the deal
( Both parties will confirm they have exchanged 10/25 posts, to prevent scam )
Quality and contribution posts required and offered, if you do not do this, don't count on me doing something useful either.
So introducing or advertising does not count towards the post count, also useless participation.
So if it's a thread about what you like more, banana or strawberry and you just post banana, it's invalid, atleast post why you like the banana more.

Post here if you are interested, and what you offer and will do.
You’ll receive a PM if it’s on.

Current clients: [ul][li]None[/li][/ul]

First is Syntax. A banana is already more like a strawberry.
Second you can say Bananas are more like a strawberry.
Here the language counts. - a global ()
Why. :smoke:
Home that seemes to be a How to of a forum within the forum… write down the script of comment… watchout here click on .Muster. notes by refresh???

I’d never do …