thnx all, it worked:>

im trying to setup another cup script(different then this)

export.php i did


mysql_connect(‘localhost’, ‘kiewan’, ‘mypassword’);

$query = mysql_query(“SELECT * FROM signups”);
while($fetch = mysql_fetch_assoc($query))

echo "INSERT INTO players2 
VALUES ( '', 1, '', '20061202232929', '".$fetch['name']."', '".$fetch['email']."', '".$fetch['irc']."', '".$fetch['contact']."', ''); <br><br />";

?>[/code] i did


$config[db_host] =“localhost”; // Database Host(usually localhost)
$config[db_name] =“kiewan”; // Database Name
$config[db_uname] =“kiewan”; // Database UserName
$config[db_pass] =“mypassword”; // Database Password


thats the only thing i had to change right?
now im getting this error

if you don’t mind helping me out<3

Try to set diffrent prefixes for your second bracket’s tables.
Or create another Database and and install brackets there.