Register golbal


ich wollte in meinem WBB 2.3 Forum das Kniffelspiel installieren.
Leider läuft es nicht mit Register global=off.

Kann man das ändern ?

Danke für eine schnelle Antwort !coffee

Nein, dass kann nicht geändert werden, da es eine sehr gefährliche Sicherheitslücke darstellt.

Du kannst mal schauen ob es eine neuere Version des Spieles gibt, bei dem diese Einstellung nichtmehr benötigt wird, oder du programmierst es selbst um bzw. findest jemand der dir das macht.



leider gibts den Support für den Hack nicht mehr.

Trotzdem danke für die schnelle Antwort :wink:

Please tell me how to include it because without that 100% would not

Thank you for your quick response


well, register global=on is not supported on bplaced, but that is a feature which is need to use the hack, so you can not use this hack on this webspace.

And how can the server so I do not have to remake it would be Register_Global
Prompt how to do it?

Well, you have to fix the script.

clearly as you can imagine in the script can help me but I only just beginning

sorry, but there is no other alternative. may you can find an other provider, who has server, which support the feature “register global=on”, cause then you will not have to fix the script, or you will find some person, who wants to fix the script for yourself, or you will find a other version or a other hack.

pancake, I would make the script or you can give free hosting where supported register

no, sorry. maybe you will found one with using, but cause of safety I can not recommend to you to use register global = on… I just will recommend to you, you should use some other hacks or just pass on this.

clear and I do it in just does not go away that’s what I can do щас you kinu script and you look and please

no, sorry, I wont.

okay thanks, although at this