Site & FTP sometimes act strangely

I also see some site problems the last days.
my site adreess is “”.
-Sometimes last week the site dissapeared and when try to login to ftp I got the "Wrong Password" message.
I submited support ticket about it. I got the answer that it is ok.
After some hours the site appeared again. This happened 2-3 times.
Last time it happened again, I accidentally typed “” and the site appeared OK.
Also when try to FTP I typed “” instead of “” and I was succesfully logged in.
After some hours everything changed back to normal again.
I submit support ticket again and I got the answer that I tried to login with 10 different IPs that is why I got locked for 24 hours. But i do not have 10 IPs. I only have 2 (home, business).
They told that maybe my router disconnected and got different IP.

-Today morning I was logged in FTP only from 1 IP (home).
Now the site “” is dissapeared again (404 message) and the FTP software says "530 Login authentication failed"
But when I type “” in browser and “” in FTP everything is OK.

I also purchased domain that redirects to “” so my members see "Diese Seite ist leider nicht mehr verfügbar, Fehler 404. Sorry, this page is not available any more, error 404."
That is not good for my forum. We have to find a solution for this, because I can not hold a forum with such problems.

Please explane me why this happen.
thank you

PS Is some kind of DNS problem???

PS Is some kind of DNS problem???[/quote]

just forward the domain: to


than everything should be fine :wink:
For yourself you can change the server, set in the ftp-program, to “” so FTP shouldn’t be a problem anymore.

Yeah it’s kinda strange that you have to type in a “www.” or “ftp.” if the page is not working…but dunno…I think that it’s an issue caused of your local DNS Server / ISP.