Someone translate please!

Verbindungsaufbau fehlgeschlagen
Im Moment befindet sich bplaced entweder im Wartungsmodus für dieses Modul bzw. das Benutzermenü, oder Dein Server ist derzeit nicht erreichbar.

Eventuell besteht die Möglichkeit, dass einige Dienste - wie z.B. FTP oder eine Datenbank vorübergehend nicht erreichbar sind, es werden jetzt im Moment alle möglichen Anstrengungen unternommen, um den vollständigen Funktionsumfang zeitnah wieder herzustellen.

Bitte habe noch ein wenig Geduld, das System ist in Kürze wieder vollständig einsatzbereit.

What does this mean ?, and can’t you guys just post an english version beneath it ?

Maintenance. :wink:

Why So Serious? :ps:

I haven’t got the time to translate every little part of the whole interface. surely it is not thaat much, but I’d rather be doing something else, like homework or so, simply because such translating easily gets annoying

Google Translate is far from giving you a “perfect” english translation, but in this case I think it’s pretty well understandable what the message is all about:

[quote=“Google Translate”]Connection failed
At the moment there is bplaced either in maintenance mode for this module or the user menu, or your server is currently unavailable.

Maybe there is a possibility that some services - such as FTP, or a database is temporarily unavailable, there are now at the moment all possible efforts to see the full functionality of timely again.

Please have a little patience, the system is soon fully operational again.[/quote]
So I’d suggest you try that yourself next time, instead of running straight into the forum …

i would just like to know what is going on…
i don’t understand german, so a guess could be nice. but still would like to know if something is wrong.
what if it was about a server movement or something that backups are in place.
i can’t know that.