What About Video Sharing Site

[size=150]Can I Host Here A Video Sharing Script Like Youtube And Vimeo
And The Script That I Am Going To Use Is Totally Open Source
So Let Me Know If This Is Possible Or Not
As I Know That These Scripts Uses A Lot Of Server Resources…



I think, video Sharing is not allowed on bplaced because of using a lot of Server Resources.

And when you want to use bplaced, you must create a Homepage too, because it is not allowed, putting files on the server of bplaced without creating an own Homepage too.[/color]

Is it allowed to put media file on the server?
What abouth rights of producer?Can I be video-pirat?

Also please, is it ok to put XMPP or SIP - VoIP on server?

Please read the AGB of bplaced, it is not allowed to hurt any copyrights. You need the allow of the owner of the files. Also video Pirat is not allowed. Media-files: Only if you don’t hurt cpoyrights and have a full website.

XMPP or VoIP software won’t be added (I don’t think so)