What's the DNS address of the server?

I’m using a free website offered by bplaced and I want to know the DNS address of the server.Would anybody tell me?Thanks.

Have a look here;

cyberciti.biz/faq/how-to-fin … ddress-is/



Mike Connor

Thank you.I just want to know the DNS address of my website server instead of my local server.I can’t get it on my personal computer.Would you please tell me?Thanks.

“DNS” is not an address, it is a service. (D)omain (N)ame (S)ervice, which translates names to IP addresses. ( Internet Protocol Addresses).

If you want to know your own IP address, then go here;

The address ( also known as URL = Uniform Resource Locator) of bplaced is bplaced.net/?location=home

Your website server address is the address you use to reach your site on the bplaced server.

For instance,

The Domain Name Service translates these addresses into the relevant numbers.

So in this case bplaced.net/?location=home =

You can type any address in here;

and it will resolve both names and numbers.

Also reverse IP domaintools.com/reverse-ip/? … .46.78.140


Mike Connor

Thanks for your help.