2 questions in 1

  1. I subscribed for free this morning at 10:45 and my subscription was confirmed by email.

I uploaded folders and files with an ftp app(coffeecup).
I cleared the cash of my browser.
When trying to access my webpage https://www.bplaced.net/users/myname/www/index.html the page with the three types of subscriptions opens and 404 error code (deleted or not yet active).
How long does it take to activate my webpage after subscription?

  1. My home directory is /users/myname/www/
    What goes before that? https://www.bplaced.net/ ???

After you confirmed your account it could take up to 60 minutes, until your domain is viewable. Your FTP and Database is accessable immediately.

Your domain is like this “http://yourusername.bplaced.net” (like "altwark.bplaced.net"
Than you access direktly your “www/index.html” file

Thank you for swift reply.
When entering http://username.bplace.net this page opens:


At that location I don’t see the index.html and folder I uploaded. In my FTP app under username.bplaced.net the files are present.
What address should viewers put in their browser to access my webpage?

PS the 60 min periode is now 240 min

It seems as if you haven’t uploaded anything. Could you show us a screenshot or log of your FTP program with the uploaded files visible?

Cheers :wink:

You were right, they are uploaded now and it works. Great! Thank you!