A Name - And old FTP Files won't be removed... (Last post)

Hello, I’ve make a free domeinname that works on a A Name, but now is the problem, that it won’t works!!
My domein here on bplaced is hosted on the server:
But, I wan’t to know witch director it is hosted at ?
And does it works with a port ? or somting ??

serverthuis.com/ (Dutch!)

There are 2 thing you must do:

  1. Register the domain in the bplaced user panel
  2. Add the IP-Adress of bplaced to your Domain-Provider

The port from bplaced is always 80, which is the default http-port

I hope, i can help you :wink:

(Sry for the bad englisch, i’m not good in english :wink: )

Oké thanks! I’ve do that and it works!!
I’ve a other problem now (Not coz I’ve put it on an other website) its about somting els!

Oké my Scount problem is!
That bplaced didn’t have removed all of my .ftpquota / FTP files!
I’ve now 1 FTP Account active!
But I’ve 3 .ftpquota files on my website!!!
How can I remove the 2 not active FTP files ??

You can find the not active files at:

This happens alot.
Just wait, it removes itself after a while

XD That sucks :open_mouth:

But what can we do about it :ps: ?