About adding domain in co.cc

I must fill in this list

Add a record

Host :
Type :
Priority :
Value :
Het kan maximaal 48 uur duren voordat wijzigingen in uw gegevens worden geupdate.

Now my question is what to fill in everywhere.

On host i type dutchharbor.bplaced.net ( it turns into dutchharbor.bplaced.net.mymadworld.co.cc automatically, so think its right for thats domain )
TTL gives 1-7H and 1-7D, i think the D and H stands for Day and Hour but what does it do actually ?

Type is CNAME, i know that.
But what must i full in on Value ??

If anyone can help me set this up i would very much appreciate it.
( If a staff member would contact me i could give my information so they can set it up for me if they would like ).
Thanks in advance,

Host : mymadworld.co.cc
TTL : (as predefined)
Type : A
Priority : (only for MX-Records)
Value : (IP-Adress via ping dutchharbor.bplaced.net)


Host : mymadworld.co.cc
TTL : (as predefined)
Type : CNAME
Priority : (only for MX-Records)
Value : dutchharbor.bplaced.net

ok, thxn will try it out

Edit, i get following error using CNAME

Type CNAME and NS are only able to use Sub Domain Host

I filled in like this > [attachment=0]co.cc.JPG[/attachment]

thanks for help so far, hope you can solve this.

I’m not sure, bu i think you must have an a-record too for cname entries (or only the a-record).

Host: mymadworld.co.cc
Type: A

Edit: Sorry, misstyped^^.

thanks, will try now

i’ll edit post later for result