Acces to FTP server via IE ... [SOLVED]

Hi Guys. :morgen:
Just a quick question from a bplaced newbie here…

I wanna upload stuff onto my bplaced FTP server.
I cannot really connect to it.
I tried with IE entering the following address:

I also tried a whole bunch of combinations with username and PW like:

Does anyone have a quick tip or some hints about that?
Vielen Dank.

Userlogin is Case sensitive
So you will have to write

I think the FTP-Login is disabled in IE by default. So you will probably have to use some registry-hacks to enable it again.
Why don’t you simply use a FTP-Client like FileZilla instead?

Good Lord ! it’s working now
even though I got the impression I’m actually doing the exact same thing as yetserday …

Maybe a mistake with the case as you said …
Thanks for you high-speed answer anyway !!!