Account deactivated

I’m Yank. My account has been deactivated due my inactivity. This last days I have been busy and I couldn’t check my email so, I didn’t know about it (I’m sorry for that).
So, I wonder if I can have my account back please (since I weren’t inactive at all).
My username is ares2d

Thanks, _Yank.

Log into your bplaced account and write a support ticket requesting reactivation.


I can’t see any option to request a ticket.
PS: I’m using an iPad.

EDIT: Nevermind, since the page language is German, I couldn’t understand that there was a support page, my apologizes.

The direct link is
If you are logged in you can open a support ticket with the button “Neues ticket”.

hello Yank

your account is active since yesterday 1400 CET, you may also switch language to US-en within the options, at least most stuff is translated.