Account deactivation despite regular logging in

For reasons I don’t understand my web page has been blocked.
I’m logging into the account on a regular basis, also the page undergoes regular changes.
When I tried to get to the page today it returned an 404 error with the information that the account has been deactivated.
Please re-activate the webpage as soon as possible. It’s currently very important source of information for few thousands of users.
The account name: tmiodek.

log into your bplaced account and write a support ticket.

kind regards :wink2:

Already did that. I’m just not sure which way is faster :wink:
For me it’s very serious issue. I cannot understand why the account was deactivated. I also hope the database is not damaged as I didn’t find a way to back it up yet :frowning:

deactivations arent processed through the forum. you might find the reason for being deactivated in the message you see when you login.

Yes, but admins are quite active here :wink:
The given reason has no sense at all. It says I weren’t logging in to my account for too long time. The problem is I log into the account every week at least.

It turned out the reason was not lack of activity but to much activity :wink: The page was hacked and a mass creation of accounts by bots occurred.
Everything is OK now :slight_smile: