Account reactivation


my site has been deactivated with the fehlendes Impressum problem. It is really annoying, plz tell me how long it takes for anyone to respond to the support ticket. Its been 3 days already. Cant one atleast download the database or something…

you have to wait… The supporters will reactivate your account sometimes.

ciao xcube

And what if they don’t…

I lack trust now since my account was deactivated without a proper reason and i haven’t got an explanation so far…
also the process of getting it activated again ensures me now i would never use this host again nor recommend it.
even the english support is well crap…

i would advice things like oxyhost or xtreemhost, since they have proper support in english 24/7 contact and they don’t screw you >,<

We do :wink: But there are many support-tickets to process. And your one’s is still queued. Please be patient.

Cant you guys atleast give a notification that we forgot to put an Impressum at our site, its so bad that ur site is taken off without prior notice and one cant do anything about it. bplaced is a great host but these things are so damn frustrating, hope my ticket thing gets resolved soon.

you should have read the AGB ( Hosting rulez @ bplaced )
there you can read that you need a Imprint to host a website here

Greetz Michi

^^^^yeah i know,but honestly speaking, not many of us read such stuff and bplaced was supposed to be free. I had just setup a site and had some members and now this happens and I am in no mans land. Can I have an estimate of how long it takes to process a ticket if at all. Plz Can I just download database? :neutral_face:

Well! What bad luck you’ve had…