Activation email

hello, yesterday im register. using email in polish portal ( and activation email dont come. can be this email send again ?

sorry for all mistakes :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks for any help :>

please give us your username to activate the account manual



your account is active now - please check your e-mail adress by logging into the user control panel at and ensure that your e-mail-account don’t classify our mails as spam.

no i using web interface and see all new emails

thanks for help :wink:

You’re welcome :wink2:

i have next question i want to add domain to my website how to do this ?
before domain are registered to and uses name servers. and i know how to make it work but bplaced use zone records and i dont know how to fill pools in domain editing ;/

just decide for using one varation, but c-name should be prefered.
than login to your providers interface and there you have to edit the zone entries.
there you have to use c-name or/and a-, so edit for eg this:

(*) => IP form your bplaced app, eg => IP form your bplaced app, eg

or by using c-name
(*) => => IP form your bplaced app, eg

sorry im using free domains and have 4 pools
host, TTL, type, value


choose edit/add-zone … its on the top

no no no i don’t know what are need to enter in 2 pools
host: ok i know i must enter ""
TTL: i don’t know what ttl are
type: of course i know ^^
value: i totaly don’t know ;/

value is the path of your webspace here which will be shown if you visit your domain.
so you can let “/” for the root path.

ttl is an acronym for time-to-live, it is saying, how long a entrie will be chached, use 1D

thanks for help i add “a” record and wait to domian start workin :stuck_out_tongue:

your welcome, friend :wink2: