Add Domain

*i have domain ( i want use hosting of
*i think there in some DNS setting in my domain.
*wats is my bplaced account’s DNS and nameserver.

Plzz Help me…!

Just Login into the UCP and there you should see an IP which you just need to connect with your domain…
or use CNAME :wink:

Here are some instructions by google for their blogging service: … swer=58317
just use instead of :wink:

when possible, create these 2 entries:

  1. -> CNAME to bplaced
  2. -> CNAME to bplaced
    if 1) doesn’t work, you have to use an A
    record with the IP shown in your bplaced-UCP.
    (“trage bei deinem Registrar die IP THEIP you need als Typ A ein”)
    if 2) doesn’t work, you have to add each subdomain you want to use
    (e.g. for www: -> CNAME to bplaced)

Hello, I am have some problems setting this in the control panel. I have changed the DNS CNAME records at my registrar and they say it is working at that end but doesnt know where to direct the request. In my control panel there is the add domain section where I can select

Domain: [text box]
Type: [drop down menu…fields> CNAME/A
Home directory: [text box]

When I set the domain to my, type to and home directory to / it reports ‘The domain must not contain any special characters!’.

Please can you tell me what I am doing wrong?


Are you sure that you have chosen CNAME/A at the dropdown box? Because i just tried it with your domain and it worked :ps:

Great, thanks. It worked, but when I try to connect to my domain name in a browser it still doesnt connect to my site. Do I have to wait for some time?


I think I am getting there, gradually. I have set CNAME / A to my domain name and I can now access so it looks like it’s resolving properly, however I still cannot connect to my site. My ignorance is frustrating!

I can’t reach it without problems :slight_smile:
Maybe…clear your cache. Or it’s just the 3 minutes later now :wink:

Brillianticus! Many thanks it woks :slight_smile:

I am confused with the settings that has to be made (I always hosted domain with hosting companies where I only had to change DNS).

Now I have my domain at ENOM and my settings are following:
www CNAME(Alias)
@ A(Address) some default IP

  • CNAME(Alias)

I added the new domain at hosting and it shows /folder_name/ /folder_name/

Where should I place the directory folder_name through FTP ?