Add Domain


How do I add my own domain?


1st: Goto Domain Setting
2:Adding an external domain
3:Fill domain (
4:Type: CNAME/ A
HOME Dir: /
ADD new domain
then goto your domain(.com,.net,.org)
Manage Dns setting
then select Type: A

From your domain setting of
Note Address for Type A : Ip Address

then write this ip into your DNS setting (.com,.net,.org)
then save

my english is not good hope u understand :wink:

My Site:

I have one question about that point:
What are names of dns servers?


The site is sadly not in english... but I will work on an Englisch version....

The site is sadly not in english… but I will work on an Englisch version…

It wasn’t so bad. After close look to screenshots on i’ve manage to make right (i think) record there, so now i’m waiting for (hopefully good) results.

I didn’t know that i have to use some external dns services. Anyway, thanks for help.

where is the dns setting…in my host acount i can’t see that option…and is there a backup?
can i setup emails? if is yes where to go because i can’t see any option…


sorry, no, mail-accounts cannot be set up. all you may do is send emails using the php-function mail(); receiving mails is however not available atm.

besides that you’ve not been informed correctly; bplaced does not support DNS-management by using its dns-servers, as ignomus told you. the given nameservers are responsible for bplaced-internal domains only, not for user’s domains what so ever. the feature we’re talking about is called ‘addon-domains’, which means, that the server serving your files can recognize if there is a requesting domain associated with an user account, therefor it can mask the request URI with your domain and serve files with your domain prepended, e.g., where some_file.txt is located at and the same as

name your domain please, i may tell you then if it is configured properly.


Sorry! :unamused:

you may use Google Apps for mail :slight_smile: