Hi everyone,

In the Ticket-ID: 369447 I was told reply control panel:

[quote]to state an answer in this issue, as statet in our forums: please let us know what the file


is exactly for - and why a TR/Black.Gen2 trojan was detected in that archive.[/quote]

Report on … /analysis/ 14 / 46

Archive and its contents is not destructive activities to the users or their privacy. File in the archive is packed and protected old version protector, activity antivirus - false alarm. !haue If the administration of the hosting confuse antivirus response, I’ll do the password for the archive, in this case the anti-virus will not be active. Some destructive programs use similar protection because of this false alarm suffer totally harmless programs.

If the archive with the password are not satisfied, I can completely delete the data file archives from this host. I would be glad if the administration had warned in advance about dubious people in her view files.

[ol][li] Make a password for the archive?[/li]
[li] Delete archive?[/li]
[li] Delete spam(?) DB script or change?[/li]
[li] ?[/li][/ol]

Reputable antivirus DrWeb, K7AntiVirus, Microsoft, BitDefender : answered negative and they have a good heuristic.

Thankee! :bp:

Please answer the question that you were asked in a ticket response within the ticket system as well.

Website is available, all comments administration of received and fix process.

Thx you all.

P.S. For the future, it is desirable to make the warning before blocking site in “Personal Panel” :unamused: - best hosting anywhere :wink:


we are surely not issuing warnings in such cases - as stated, there was a positive match, not a heuristic guess.