Please, can activate?, Thanks

url_fopen won’t be activated so fast.
They say that it will come 2010.

So it will be enabled next week :ps: :ps: :ps: :ps: ???

it is only said that it will come in 2010, so it also could be activated at the middle or end od the year :wink:

I’m just looking if it even “is” coming at all…
Since the answer is mostly “will come in 2010” at those questions, without any further information.
Seems like a fast way to shut someone up really.
but that is just my opinion.
I do have faith that it will come, but if no such functions have been enabled around september, then i’m wondering if they ever will.

Any more news about this topic? 2010 is nearly gone, is this just an empty promise or wild speculation? I hope not but would like to know for sure. Thanks in advance of your help here.

MadMartian :ps:


watch out for bplaced pro within your control panel, untranslated, but makes such functions available.