Allowed to publish eyeos apps?

I have been busy lately with attempts to make applications for the Eyeos system.
Some came out pretty good, others i just dumped in a folder for failed projects ^^.
My question is now, i am allowed to host/publish these eyeos applications for download on my website, my website is a community site with no real link to eyeos.
but i will make a subfolder with a system for it ( i think im going to use wordpress ).
Just checking this :wink:.

will make apps that are related to my site soon, but the code of eyeos is really a headache. i find the linux kernel easier to modify by programming.

Hope it’s allowed.
Yours all,

Hello !

Please turn yourself in this regard directly to the support.


Er freut sich bestimmt Ă¼ber diese Antwort nach Ă¼ber 3 Monaten… sehr hilfreich :ps:

hello colordog,
this thread speaks english :ps:

oh sorry…

but even alexander is not really able to write in english… so I thought it’s better to write in a language he can possibly understand better… :ps: