bplaced.net account gone?


Earlier this year, around in March or so (I don’t exactly remember the date), I registered an account called Iceguy. I had been using this account since April and it went down in November. I’m not an inactive user, I’ve upload files to my server (not too many, not too less) and the last file I uploaded with about 1 week before my site got shut down. I didn’t get any email regarding this.

Now I registered another account called Iceyoshi. I tried to login in through FileZilla, with these options:

host: iceyoshi.bplaced.net
username: iceyoshi
port: 8080

However, it doesn’t seem to login. I’ve confirmed my password thrice, and tried everything possible to make it work since my first account was easily made.

Could the situation please be clarified? I really would like my first account (Iceguy) back since a site is using some of the files from it.

Thanks in advance.

To the login problem: wrong port, you should use port 21 instead of port 8080.

To your older account: if you don’t log in to the bplaced UCP every 3 months your account will be deactivated. So the old account should be deleted.


everything’s okay with your account, but as “knoxi” said, the correct port is “21”