Can not use FTP

I’m disappointed, why now can not use FTP connected, in the days before smoothly oiled course, whether there is a problem, my web, please fix in, I ask

there are works in servers. the admins say, (in german forum, and in the previous post , starts by me, in this thread) this night the ftp will be available.

I´m waiting too. :smiley: take a beer!

PD: sorry by my poor english… but my german is worst ! :ps:

Please help, why can not I log in the ftp, smoothly oiled first course, I want to edit my site, my username: sepuasnya.


I will try to explain once again, why you cannot use the FTP program at the moment:

Now, some of the servers are moving on a new place, and this is the reason, why FTP doesn’t work at the moment. The FTP program doesn’t work, because the employees of bplaced don’t want to lose the dates of all the Homepages during the move of the Servers.

Today in the evening, when the move of the servers is ended, the FTP should work again, and you will be able to edit you Homepage. [/color]

Thanks for your information.