can you fix my user account? got de-activated after inactivity for 120 days. please help me.

can you fix my user account? got deactivated after inactivity for 120 days. please help me.

i logged back into, got a message in german, then never received an e-mail to fix it.

if you can’t fix it. then can you delete my account so hopefully i can re-register myself really fast? or something?

before anyone asks. you signup for “bplaced” and “bplaced forums” separately. so my account for “bplaced forums” works. but. my account for “bplaced” does not work.

also you can delete this thread after you help me. if you want to. as it’s not really important.

i wanted to contact the site privately. but i can’t find a way to do that. anyway. so here’s a thread.

also. by the way.

Entschuldige, neue Benutzer können Beiträgen höchstens 2 Links hinzufügen.

Sorry, new users can add at most 2 links to posts.

this is also a little bit ridiculous since i need to post the links to describe what’s happening. i’m not putting any sort of “http” syntax with it or anything. just words with dots. especially since it’s just hyperlinks to this site that we’re posting on now anyway. it especially does not make sense since every single post has to be approved by a “moderator” anyway. apparently.


please help me


if you can log in, you can easily create a support ticket and ask for a reactivation.


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i can login. i created a suport ticket.

not working yet. waiting.


all right. i got a response and it’s working now. apparently.

you can delete the thread now since the issue is resolved

thank you