Cannot use function stream_context_create()?

Is function stream_context_create() disabled? Why can’t i use it? Anybody help?

Help! It return a message:Fatal error: Call to undefined function stream_context_create() in…How can I do?

It seems like the function isn’t activated
Why u need it? If I’m right it’s to open an external site with fopen and set headers.
If you need it to Open an external site with fopen forget it. External connections are disabled.

Yes, you’r right.Because I want to make an app for facebook,and I have to use this function.Do supported this function?

No, because connections to external servers are deactivated.
But miro (the admin) works on a security fix to enable all the functions, which need external connections.

what is the status on this problem?
The last reply told that miro was working on a security fix to enable those functions,
but it seems that the function
is still not available.

is in 2010 available…

You guys say on everything,
will come in 2010.
But i find it hard to believe that it’s true…

just believe it,
if they say it comes 2010 it will come 2010…

But i find it hard to believe that it’s true…[/quote]

please stay tuned, bplaced has more important things to do than this function…

i 'm talking about that comment in general.

the only thing you can disable the function, and install extensions by hand.