Chat allowed non-native

You are not allowed to host chat rooms and webgames, but does this also mean i am not allowed to have chat rooms or web games on my website?

I was thinking of using a chat from, so the question is, am i allowed to emb a chat from on my site, meaning that i have no chat hosted on bplaced itself.

Thanks in advance,

I think that is allowed. The server doesn’t worry about an external Chat like chatango or irc with a flash plugin etc. :smiley:

Flash plugin with irc, that’s also an option.

THANKS!!! :ps: :ps:

Or you use an AJAX based script :wink: Just search for it :smiley:

What you mean by that ?
AJAX script is still chat i think ?

I think for IRC there are some, but don’t know how it’s about the performance :confused: Forget what i said :smiley: It’s dark outside^^
Use chatango or an IRC Flash thingie :smiley:

Only thing that comes close to irc with ajax is phpfreechat, which is a chat on your own site, so forgive me for understanding that wrong.

Thanks for the chat xP and the help, gnight :wink:, problem solved.

Well, i managed to tweak a little and did an i-frame, since i don’t think there is a way that i can access an sql db on another server or another server on this db ( would like to synch users though :neutral_face: ).

But it helped.


( It’s not hosted on bplaced >.> !!! ) so don’t terminate my account.