Could you please reset my account?

My problem is quite unusual (a little noobish).
I’ve signed up to freestyle account on thursday evening. I haven’t recieved confirmation e-mail. Thanks to your support my account has been created manually.

Now the best part:
I’ve found it out when I was trying to sign in. Somehow I’ve mannaged to type wrong password (tvelve chars) during registration (twiced - there’s re-write password).
I’ve used password reminder and it shows my wrong adress. During registration I’ve typed wrong e-mail adress (0 instead o).

This has never happened to me before - I’m on few forums and some sites.

What can I do?
Could you please help me somehow? Could you reset my account (I think you can’t change my e-mail adress). I care for this youser/account name. I’m very attached to it - I’ ve used it on some forums and online gaming for years.


hi joe_doe,

in your case it’s no issue to change the emailaddress - it is done by now, you may re-request another password again using the proper address.