Please, can activate CURL?, Thanks.

Hi, sorry but actually bplaced does´nt support curl. Switch to or an other hoster. Square7 is a child of bplaced, with some other functions…

Hello techno,
cUrl(); can’t be Enabled.

In Square7 is cURL (); Enabled.
Please look at that in here:

cURL support enabled
cURL Information 7.18.2
Protocols tftp, ftp, telnet, dict, ldap, ldaps, http, file, https, ftps, scp, sftp
SSL Version OpenSSL/0.9.8g
ZLib Version [/quote]
This would be an alternative. :smiley:

Translated by Google.

Sorry, I do not speak English & German, I speak Spanish,

Wow, curl and allow_url_fopen enabled :hail: , these options are what I need, many thanks for the reply, square y bplaced belongs to the same company?, square offers unlimited traffic?, uptime of

Greetings from Spain. :wink:

Hola :smiley:

square7 is the new project of bplaced - with unlimited traffic and roundabout the same uptime like here on bplaced :wink:

Whats the catch then ?
There must be some difference, else what’s the reason in keeping bplaced ?

square7 displays advertisment on userpages

There is not correct russian word . Welcome = Добро пожаловать and you have writen there ‘congratulation’ …


this is not russian :wink:


So i will have ads on every page, that’s a downfall…

The popup will apear every 30 minutes - not with every klick :wink:

Still downfall, i’d prefer an add code i could place myself, that’s less disturbing then a popup.

This is unrealizable - We can not monitor if every user incorporate the code

You could just check the html if the code is there, else make it save on a logfile, this way you can check who has and hasn’t got their ad code on their site.